We have assembled a group of experienced sitters to care for your child in your home as independent contractors. They are chosen for their responsibility, professionalism, and integrity.All of these sitters live locally, and most are homeowners themselves. They all have references on file that have been verified, and are experienced in all phases of childcare.
  They give their time and attention to those in their care while you are away. They feed the children during regular meal hours and tidy up the kitchen afterwards. They play or read to children (if the children desire) and with babies, change diapers as needed.
  These sitters have only one responsibility: to take care of your children. Therefore, they are not domestics.They are not there to vacuum, dust, or throw a load of wash in while on an hourly job, so please don't ask. However, if you hire one of our sitters as a live-in while you are on vacation, they will do light housekeeping (keep your home as spotless as you left it, and do the children's laundry as needed). They will not admit anyone into your home without your permission. They are there to insure the safety of your home and your children while you are away.
All of our sitters sign contracts to work exclusively through the office. Please do not ask them to sit for you other than through this agency. They are not permitted to give out their phone number. If they did, they would jeopardize their standing with this agency. Please make all reservations through our office.

  Please email or call us to book your sitter as early as possible.
The more notice we have, the easier it is to accommodate your needs.

Have three alternate phone numbers available for emergencies.
Please provide food for sitters during usual meal hours.
Please let us know beforehand if your child is ill. Our sitters need to know so that they are able to take precautions.
Our office is staffed Monday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For your convenience we also have 24-hour voice mail which is checked frequently for after-hours bookings.


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